Bayern Digital Radio | Meet Our Partners @MTM22

How do you and your company contribute to the relevance and quality of the media?

Music, news and entertainment – everything gets its value when it is heard by people. And conversely, a transmission medium is useless if there is no content. As the network operator for DAB+ in Bavaria, Bayern Digital Radio GmbH ensures that the content produced by the radio stations is heard, opinions are formed, songs become hits and people are entertained. And since technology has been advancing steadily since the invention of radio over 100 years ago, BDR does this in the best digital quality.

Which socio-political debates and which technological developments affect you the most at the moment?

The gradual replacement of FM by DAB+. Particularly against the backdrop of exploding electricity costs, DAB+ is the significantly more energy-efficient and thus cheaper form of transmission of classical radio compared to FM. The possibility of transmitting a wealth of additional digital services via DAB without additional costs is another advantage of DAB+ that should not be underestimated.

What will you present with your company at the #MTM22?

Design your radio

As individual as listening habits are, so are tastes in design. With the new offer, you can design the look of selected DAB+ radios individually – either for yourself or as a personal gift for family and friends. Thanks to an easy-to-use designer tool, the front of the device can be designed using colours, fonts, emojis, clipart or your own pictures. The tool displays the final design on the screen in real time. The personal design can then be ordered directly via the affiliated shop as a high-quality self-adhesive foil. There is the option of purchasing the sticker alone or, if ordered as a set, already ready-made on the matching radio that is also ordered. On the occasion of the Medientage München 2022, you can win vouchers for the new offer at our stand and design your own radio.

Test network 10D

EWF (Emergency Warning Functionality) is a new warning function that makes it possible to alert the population without barriers within a few seconds via the digital terrestrial broadcasting standard DAB+. In the event of a disaster, EWF receivers in standby mode can also be switched on. A corresponding DAB+ test network has been in operation in Bavaria on channel 10 D since May 2022. In future, special test alarms will be sent out at regular intervals to check the functionality of the EWF receivers intended for this purpose. You can find out how the system works in detail at our stand during a live demonstration by Fraunhofer IIS.