Bjarke Calvin Vinding

CEO, Duckling

In the media industry Bjarke is often described as a visionary pioneer behind the development of new interactive formats. His latest project is the social documentary platform, Duckling, where young people can create compassionate, smart documentaries in a format similar to Instagram and Snap. Before launching Duckling, Bjarke worked as Executive Editor and Head of Innovation at Magnum Photos in New York where he launched the worlds first internet publication for photography. After this, he started Storyplanet, the first platform in the world for building interactive documentaries without coding. The common denominator in all of Bjarke Calvin's work is a fundamental belief that the next step in human evolution lies in collective wisdom created through storytelling. Only by seeing how things are connected can we create the right solutions for today's complex problems. He started a long career in interactive media in 2001 with publishing one of the worlds first interactive documentaries, The Enemy Within. IDFA recently canonized the project as one of the 100 most influential interactive media pieces. Bjarke has also been af fellow at MIT Open Doclab and Constructive Institute at Aarhus University. He has worked as an advisor for media corporations like PBS, TIME and NY Times and is a frequent speaker at conferences and universities worldwide, such as MIT, Harvard TEDx, and SXSW.