Evan Shapiro

Media Universe Cartographer , eshap

Many know Evan Shapiro as the official, unofficial cartographer of the Media Universe since Deadline published Shapiro’s first Media Universe Map. It has since been adopted by businesses, executives, analysts, and colleges as the unofficial official representation of the map of media. Using his very specific point of view, Shapiro charts Media's future through his essays on the Media War & Peace Newsletter, and with his change agency, ESHAP. Shapiro is also an Emmy and Peabody Award winning producer of TV, films and podcasts, including Portlandia, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Please Like Me, Comedy Bang Bang, Brick City, and Harmonquest. He also serves as a professor at NYU and Fordham schools of business, as Board Chair for non-profit educational enterprise One Diverse Industry. Perhaps what is most interesting about Shapiro is how he wrote this bio in the third person. Weird flex.