Di, 18.10.17:05-17:50
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Technologies to tackle online harms

UK-Bavarian online harms symposium

Internet users are increasingly exposed to online harms, such as hate, disinformation, explicit content and sexual abuse and exploitation. While the use of technology will not solve this alone, innovative tech mitigations strategies such as content moderation, age verification, digital forensics and content filtering are being developed to make online experiences safer. Bavaria and the UK share a common understanding on the urgency of countering online harms. This symposium offers an exciting opportunity to learn about existing and upcoming technologies and how we can develop a joint online safety ecosystem that tackles online harms.

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17:05 - 17:15
Simon Kendall
17:15 - 17:20
Ian Stevenson Dr. Bertie Vidgen
17:20 - 17:45
Jana Heigl Daniel Okubo Dr. Thorsten Schmiege Ian Stevenson Dr. Bertie Vidgen
17:45 - 17:50
Simon Kendall