Through the crisis with creativity – How a music start-up reinvents itself and uses digital media for innovation

Distance is the order of the day and many events have been cancelled. The Corona Pandemic is hitting the music and event industry like no other sector. The story of SofaConcerts proves that restrictions do not have to mean the end of the industry, but that every crisis also offers potential for innovation. The core business was temporarily down for a short time in March due to the lock-down and so the team had to search and find new ways to create income opportunities for musicians* and a pandemic-proof offer for the music marketplace SofaConcerts. Co-founder and managing director Marie-Lene Armingeon reports on how this was achieved, what the special challenges were and what role digital media in particular played in this transformation process. After a short keynote speech with examples, there will be room for questions and exchange.


Marie-Lene Armingeon



Jacqueline Belle

Presenter Bayern 3