With Alliances against GAFA – Comeback of Local Heroes?

The GAFAs still dominate the world, but the system of the platform economy with its walled gardens and monopolitical tendencies is coming under increasing pressure – the proposals for regulation reach to the point of destruction. What comes next? Will economies of scale remain the measure of all things in the digital age? On check: cooperations, alliances and sharing models for marketing, data or content. Blockchains also appear again and again in future scenarios as gamechangers/disruptors of the platform economy. Alliances, sharing, blockchain: success models also for media, companies and agencies? Do cooperations strengthen the market positions of German companies?


Robert Jacobi

Managing Director & Founder The Nunatak Group


Katja Anette Brandt

CEO, Mindshare

Robert Jacobi

Managing Director & Founder The Nunatak Group

Jens Mittnacht

Managing Director, SevenOne Media & Advertising Platform Solutions

Paul Mudter

Managing Director, Interactive IP Deutschland

Jan Oetjen

CEO, 1&1 Mail & Media Applications


Eva-Maria Schmidt

deputy editor-in-chief HORIZONT