Mind the brain!

Mind The Brain! Dancing live with my brain, who wouldn’t want to? The latest scientific models of the brain and specially developed neurosensitive VR form a poetic experience of the self through artistic vision. Interact with, experience, and marvel at the almighty power of your own narration. A unique, magical access to the essence of the human being. In a neurosensitive VR installation, visitors experience the wonder of the brain together.

With mYndstorm productions, Oliver Czeslik and Kathrin Brunner have created Me and My Brain/Mind the Brain!, funded by fff Bayern. We have developed the concept in a range of Open Labs in the past two years with more than 20 specialists, partners such as brainboost Neurofeedback, Forschungsstelle Jülich/Human Brain Project and Bauhaus Universität Weimar and the director Fred Kelemen. Learn more about the steps in which we developed the project and our experience from the various Open Labs; get a first insight into the project, and see the premiere of our first teaser.


Kathrin Brunner

CEO | mYndstorm productions, Haar/ München 


Oliver Czeslik

CEO | mYndstorm productions GmbH Berlin