Immersive Opera

Historically, the term opera refers to an alchemical opus, work, Gesamtkunstwerk where a fusion of senses, media and disciplines, creates an immersive experience. But this multimedia artistic format also invites new ways to imagine, create and produce multisensory work in immersive media, adapted to XR technologies, social distancing, nonlinear narratives and post-human art.

My XR performing arts practice explores immersion and embodiment through the medium of sound, movement, visuals and hap(cs, and combines analogue with digital techniques. My focus has been the development of  the format of an immersive media opera – a synergy of senses and media, an alternative reality for the artist to perform and guide, and for the audience to experience and co-create.

The process of rethinking the role of XR/XR/AR as a creative tool, and redefining the distinction between the artist and the audience, highlights the value of live augmented performing arts: it is open still challenging to engage the audience in real (me – therefore, technical as well as creative invention is needed.  While looking for alternative ways to staging live performance art, I have been experimenting with participatory VR/XR experiences, choreographed AR sound-sculptures, 3D soundscapes, voicedriven responsive lightscapes, expanded moving image and augmented dance. Immersive media opera allows me to take live performance art conceptually and technically out of the theatrical black box, towards an experience engaging all senses.


Dr. Vesna Petresin

Transdisziplinäre Künstlerin und Denkerin