From Principle to Practice: Making Open AR Cloud a Reality

For several years now Open AR Cloud has spoken about the need for an Open, Interoperable, Privacy-Compliant Digital Twin of the world. This past year OARC has taken steps to make these ideas real. Join Director of Communications Alina Kadlubsky and Director of Operations Colin Steinmann as they discuss the Open AR Cloud testbed program. Learn more details about how Open AR Cloud infrastructure can empower any location to be ready for the Spatial Computing revolution. The time is now to build our own ‚digital twins‘ without giving up all your privacy and publishing rights to a large technology company. Come hear about the testbeds already in progress, learn about the specific efforts which make thee testbeds possible. Find out how your community can participate and build your very own ‚digital twin‘.


Alina Kadlubsky

Director of Communicatin Open AR Cloud Association | Managing Director Open AR Cloud Europe


Colin Steinman

Secretary and Treasurer, Open AR Cloud