Europe Day: Let’s create the rules for the digital world that Europe deserves

Value-based regulation and freedom for a society of the future

The future of liberal democracy and the future of audiovisual media are closely intertwined, not only in Europe but worldwide. Both are currently facing major challenges. Challenges both in the competition for attention and trust and with regard to new technological developments.

The economic, legal and societal consequences of the accelerating digitalisation are increasingly coming to the attention of national and European regulators and have recently been given special attention in the EU, particularly in the reforms of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive and copyright law, with the common goal of creating a digital internal market. It is a question of balancing regulation and the granting of freedoms. The new President of the European Commission, von der Leyen, has declared a new Digital Services Act, which aims to improve liability and security rules for digital platforms, services and products and to complete the digital single market, to be a priority for the coming years. Other European initiatives for a sustainable European media strategy also raise the central question of how to promote a pluralistic digital ecosystem that strengthens the values of the EU and European sovereignty.

Europe Day, jointly organised by the Institute for European Media Law (EMR) and the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for New Media (BLM), provides information on these essential developments in the EU regulatory network, which are relevant to media providers and will be in the future, and enables an exchange of views on the associated issues and problems at European and Member State level.


Dr. Florian Herrmann

Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery, Minister of State for Federal and European Affairs and Media

Prof. Dr. Stephan Ory

Director and Chairman, Institut für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR)

Dr. Thorsten Schmiege

Managing Director, BLM

Lecture: Europe's Digital Single Market - On the Way to European Media Sovereignty

Guillaume Klossa

Special Advisor to the Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of digital technology

Lecture: Constitutional requirements for the design of the media order in the online age

Prof. Dr. Andreas Paulus

Judge of the Federal Constitutional Court

Digital Single Market in the making - steps towards a sustainable pluralistic European media system

Mark Cole

Scientific Director, Institut für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR)

Dr. Arnd Haller

Legal Director, North and Central Europe, Google

Cornelia Holsten

Direktorin, Bremische Landesmedienanstalt (brema)

Daniel Knapp

Co-Founder, Data Science for Advertising & Media Start-Up (in Gründung)

The implementation of the amended AVMD Directive - e pluribus unum?

Hans Demmel

Chief Executive Officer, Vaunet

Christina Etteldorf

Research associate, Institut für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR)

Dr. Wolfgang Kreißig

Chairman of Directors' Conference of the State Media Authorities

Dr. Susanne Lackner

Deputy Chairwoman, KommAustria

Dr. Wolf Osthaus

Director Public Policy DACH, Netflix

Alexander Scheuer

Head of Media Policy and Regulation, Deutsche Telekom AG