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How does journalism work today?

Digitalisation is bringing about fundamental changes not only in media use, but also in journalistic work. Fake news, hate speech, artificial intelligence and the Relotius case are just a few of the phenomena of our time that consumers and journalists are confronted with. The sales figures of classic print media are declining and it is necessary to transfer sales to the web. At the same time, new players such as VICE, Buzzfeed and Watson want a piece of the cake.
But how do you win the hard-fought attention of users? Quality journalism stands for neutrality, objectivity and good research. Clickbait, on the other hand, stands for sensational headlines and high click rates at any price. What makes you successful with your audience in the long run? Or does both go together? Bright, emotional – and well-researched? Are the mechanisms of the boulevard a good vehicle for well-researched content? What demands does the public have on journalistic content? What challenges does journalism face today and what are the strategies of the various players?


Felix Dachsel

Editor in Chief, VICE

Dr. Sebastian Doedens

Director Strategy FOCUS, BurdaNews

Marcus Engert

Senior Reporter, BuzzFeed News Germany

Mathias Müller von Blumencron

Editor-in-chief, Der Tagesspiegel

Franzi von Kempis

Managing editor Video & Graphics,


Alina Fichter

Journalist, Senior Advisor and Global Advisory Board Member, NewsGuard