Bringing the Ocean to the people – VR as a tool for impact

Using new technologies to evoke empathy for strange environments and to spark action for marine conservation – Cyan Planet

Virtual Reality (VR) has this unique ability to let us become someone else and to take a different perspective on the world… but this someone doesn’t have to be a human! We use the power of VR to elicit empathy for life in the ocean, a strange environment that only a few of us are lucky enough to visit and connect with.

During our talk, we will introduce our immersive project „How is the Water“, where you become a dolphin and experience the ocean from the perspective of a local. „How is the Water“ was selected for La Biennale College Cinema VR 2019, New Images Film Festival 2020 and Cannes XR development showcase 2020, thanks to its unique approach to explore the state of the ocean. Additionally, „How is the Water“ combines storytelling with real-life impact, supporting marine conservation projects worldwide in their important work. We will discuss different possibilities on how to create a positive impact with VR.

Furthermore, we will touch on the delicate matters of communicating marine conservation issues and creating a connection to the ocean with immersive technologies.


Ninja Müller

Meeresbiologin, Umweltwissenschaftlerin und Mitbegründerin von Cyan Planet


Michal Lovecky

Creative Director, CEO & Co-founder of Cyan Planet