Blautopf VR

Interactive Narration in Virtual Reality

Interactive Narration in Virtual Reality
Unexplored areas in the middle of Germany?
With “Blautopf VR”, the huge blue cave system, which is kilometres long, will be accessible to the general public for the first time. A real 3D model was created with photogrammetry, so that everyone can enter the real caves. Users can expect a sophisticated, branched story universe that stretches from 6-Degrees-of-Freedom via mobile VR to the desktop experience via various media and brings together the spirit of research and myth. Johannes Kaufmann, Christoph Rasulis and Philipp Schall take the audience with them into the underworld under the Swabian Alp and show them the possibilities of staging interactive narration in VR.


Johannes Kaufmann

Head of Strategy and Distribution Department, SWR

Christoph Rasulis

Game Design Director

Philipp Schall

Managing Director, TELLUX next