#MTMdigitalks – Volume 2
6. May 2020
New concept for MEDIENTAGE 2020
26. June 2020

The theme of the MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN 2020

This is Media NOW

The world of media today is more complex than ever before and changes every day. The Corona pandemic has increased the need for information and entertainment, especially on digital channels. In addition to the classic media such as newspapers, radio and TV, the media industry has long included new players such as YouTuber, Podcaster and Influencer, as well as numerous new applications, channels and formats.

All this is not the future, all this is media today:


Big and strong,

small and agile,

confusing too,

global, local and, of course, international,



fake and true,

for the many and for the few,

old and tired,

vibrant and new,

lost but focused,

with a clear idea of how,

to move forward and be better,



And this is exactly what we want to discuss at the 34th MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN! Under the motto “This is Media NOW” we will be talking about the current challenges and trends in the media industry from 24th to 30th October.