Press Accreditation: MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN 2020

The press accreditation for the MTM20 starts in summer!

Please note: Press accreditation for MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN is only possible if you are a journalist for a medium/department that publishes on media topics or topics related to MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN. Accreditation is only be granted in order to report about  MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN. The only presentation of a valid press card is not sufficient proof of accreditation for MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN.

In order to check your application, we need the following documents for submission:

  • Your press card and/or an editorial commission

as well as

  • an article you have already published on MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN (if you have already been accredited by us in previous years)
  • or a recently published journalistic article on a media topic

Please also let us know in which context you are planning to report and afterwards send a copy to

Phone: +49 (0)89 68 999 120