Newspaper publishers from all over Bavaria, which have now developed into diversified media houses, and digital companies associated with them are represented in the Association of Bavarian Newspaper Publishers (VBZV). The VBZV thus stands for a highly modern, innovative and cross-media industry that has developed from the classic core product of its members, the printed daily newspaper. In addition to editorial reporting, the business areas of its members include marketing, sales, logistics and technical services such as publishing support and user services.

The VBZV is committed to safeguarding and representing the common economic and non-material interests of its members in all relevant areas. It advocates the independence of the democratic press and protects the reputation of the publishing profession.

VBZV currently has 35 member publishers, whose more than 250 titles currently have a daily print circulation of around 2 million copies. Its printed and digital news offerings have a reach of around 80 % and are the strongest advertising media after TV. In addition, the VBZV has 4 personal members.