Produzentenallianz Services

The Alliance of German Producers – Film & Television founded the Producers’ Alliance Services GmbH as a 100% subsidiary in 2010. The service company offers comprehensive production consulting services, project and event management and other services. These include special conditions negotiated especially for the members of the Producers’ Alliance by many industry-related and non-industry-related service providers and trades with savings of up to 70%, such as Apple, UPS, etc.

Meanwhile the producer alliance services guarantees for successful event productions and event conceptions. With own events and event realizations for the producer alliance the unit Event developed. The Producers’ Alliance Services also realizes exclusive and medium-sized to large events for third-party organizers and well-known companies and brands, from conception to overall production. Also with the circle of friends of the Producers’ Alliance, the Services unit offers industry-interested companies and private individuals the opportunity to network with the film and television industry. With this in mind, there are a variety of events such as premieres, conferences and exclusive receptions for the friends of the Producers’ Alliance.