Keynote Wolfgang Blau
28. October 2020
The MEDIENTAGE-podcast
3. March 2021

#MTMdigitalks – Volume 4


This is social media now –
what the media, politics and society have to do for democracy today

The fourth edition of #MTMdigitalks, the online series of MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN, focused on the relationship between social media and democracy.

On the one hand, social media has raised the democratisation of social debates to a new level, as every user has a voice on it. However, due to the abundance of information, untruths are spreading at the same time and the boundaries between opinions, perceived truth and facts are becoming increasingly blurred. And the Trump era has also fuelled the change in the culture of discussion. If facts can simply be swept off the table as fake news, this nips any debate in the bud. Fronts harden and genuine dialogue is often difficult. At the same time, the population’s need for information is greater than ever in these times and quality journalism has once again gained in importance. This increasing division of society is manifesting itself in the online as well as the offline world.

Against this backdrop, experts discussed the question of how media and social networks (must) react to these developments at #MTMdigitalk on 4 March. What influence do social media have on socio-political discourse and democracy and what mechanisms are at work here? Should private companies be allowed to “ban the mouth” of public figures – as recently happened with the blocking of the Twitter and Instagram profiles of Donald Trump and Michael Wendler (keyword deplatforming)? What can we do for a positive social media dialogue? What content strategies can be used to reach people (again)? 

Please note, that the lectures and talks are held in German.




Stefan Sutor, Managing Director, Medien.Bayern
  3:30 p.m
The interplay between social media and democracy
Dr. Wolfgang Gründinger
, Digital Thought Leader und future-lobbyist
  3:45 p.m
Clubhouse, YouTube, Telegram & Co. – What role do the various platforms play in the social discourse?

Martin Fehrensen, Publisher and Author Social Media Watchblog, Columnist brandeins
  4:10 p.m
Disinformation, Conspiracy Narratives, Cancel Culture – How Social Media is Changing the Culture of Debate
Prof. Dr. Diana Rieger, Professor of Communication Studies at IfKW, LMU Munich

  4:30 p.m
Lecture & Talk: What to do for a positive social media dialogue? Approaches from technology, politics and platform business
Sabine Frank
, Head of Governmental Affairs and Public Policy YouTube DACH/CEE
Hannah Monderkamp
, Head of Audience Development Rheinische Post
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz
, Director of Leibniz-Institute for Media Research │ Hans-Bredow-Institut (HBI)
  5:00 p.m
(Social) media for good debates: Which content strategies can be used to reach people (again)?
Louisa Dellert, Influencer & Author
Patrick Weinhold, Editorial Director Social Media, tagesschau
Richard Gutjahr
, Journalist