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#MTMdigitalks – Volume 3

14th July 2020 | 3:30 – 5:35 pm on livestream

Relevance requires attitude – The media and the racism debate

The third issue of #MTMdigitalks, the online series of MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN, deals with the attitude and responsibility of the German media and the question of how diversity can become a self-evident value of editorial work.

The violent death of the US-American Georg Floyd has also moved many people in Germany and triggered a far-reaching debate on how to deal with overt and covert racism.

The media have a special role to play in this debate, which goes far beyond current reporting. For media content as well as media companies have themselves become part of the discussion about structural racism.

The next livestream edition of MTMdigitalks on 14 July will therefore focus on the question of what longer-term consequences the debate has and should have for media companies and their work. How can editorial offices become more diverse and what advantages does this bring? How can the media deliver relevant content for and about People of Color in the long term? Why is concerned journalism no longer sufficient? How much own attitude must/may journalism show?

On July 14, media experts, journalists and artists will present in a livestream via video conference how they assess the current situation and what current learnings could mean for the work of journalists.

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