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3. June 2022
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5. June 2022

Meet our Partners: Zattoo

At the MEDIENTAGE SPECIAL “Connect! The Future of TV” we will of course not only have top-class speakers on site, but also, as always, exciting partners. You can look forward to seeing what our partners will be presenting and what trends they are currently working on:

What will you be presenting at the event MEDIENTAGE Special “Connect! The Future of Television” on 31 May 2022?

Our Chief Advertising Officer Oliver Knappmann will discuss exciting aspects such as targeting possibilities in CTV as well as TCF 2.0 and the handling of user data in the context of the talk round “Where do we go, Advanced TV Advertising”.    


What is your vision of the future of television? How will we watch TV and consume video content tomorrow?

Even though the use of video-on-demand services continues to grow, linear television remains relevant. Particularly in the wake of social events, the demand for current information and live content increases. This was most recently demonstrated by the Corona pandemic or the outbreak of war in the Ukraine.

Most people still use TV reception via satellite and cable TV. But today’s viewers expect more than just linear TV. Today, TV must be individual, available on any device at any time, live or time-shifted. For this reason, many viewers will switch from traditional reception via cable or satellite to Internet-TV solutions in the next few years.

Because the next decade will be characterized by the change to All-IP solutions. All data exchange will then take place only via the Internet, on the basis of the “Internet Protocol” (IP). This also includes television reception. We are already seeing that more and more people are using the Internet as a TV reception channel. This effect will intensify in the coming years, especially due to the elimination of the service charge privilege in the summer of 2024.  


How are you and your company helping to advance the TV and video industry? 

We have been offering TV over the Internet with our own brand Zattoo for 15 years. Over the years, we have steadily expanded our offering as well as functions, and personalized the TV experience for our users. Today, Zattoo can be received on almost all devices, whether via connected TVs, smartphones, tablets or laptops and PCs. In addition to live TV, we also offer functions for time-shifted TV, including recordings, pause, restart or replay.

Since 2012, Zattoo has also been offering its technology to media companies and network operators worldwide as a TV-as-a-service platform. The operation of a TV platform has become increasingly complex in recent years, as more and more end devices have to be supported and more and more business models, such as video-on-demand and functionalities, such as replay and restart, have to be supported. By bringing together many providers on its own platform, Zattoo is able to realize synergies across the various providers.

With constantly new features, a steadily growing offering as a TV streaming provider, but also the expansion of its own B2B business, Zattoo has steadily contributed to the further development of the TV market in German-speaking countries over the past 15 years.