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2. June 2022
Meet our Partners: Zattoo
4. June 2022

Meet our Partners: Goldbach

At the MEDIENTAGE SPECIAL “Connect! The Future of TV” we will of course not only have top-class speakers on site, but also, as always, exciting partners. You can look forward to seeing what our partners will be presenting and what trends they are currently working on:



What will you be presenting at the event MEDIENTAGE Special “Connect! The Future of Television” on 31 May 2022?

Our colleague Mario Neumann, Unit Director Advanced TV, presents the new world of digital TV advertising in the panel “Where do we go, Advanced TV Advertising?”. From CTV Ads to CTV Spots to Branded Channels, it’s all part of the talk.


What is your vision of the future of television? How will we watch TV and consume video content tomorrow?

In our regular, DACH-wide Advanced TV Study, we were able to observe that the high usage of CTV is no longer a lockdown phenomenon, but that CTV has firmly established itself in the media usage of all age groups as a complementary offer in home entertainment. For publishers & broadcasters, completely new opportunities arise with regard to the exploitation of content and the monetization of target groups & segments. The range of OTT platforms and content is becoming increasingly diverse and even more attractive. Users appreciate the opportunity to be their own program boss at any time. Just under half of those surveyed said that they can mostly remember the advertising they have seen before in the Connected TV environment, and that they find out about a brand on the basis of the advertising, talk about it with friends and finally buy the product.

CTV combines the best of TV and digital: The large screen with images and sound arouses emotions and invites viewers to linger for a long time with friends or family. At present, the advertising blocks in CTV channels are still significantly shorter than in classic linear TV, with around 3-5 spots. Compared to online use, advertising is not skippable, i.e. it takes place 100% in the visible area, in full screen and is brand safe. This is also reflected in the excellent view through rates, which average 90%.
For advertisers, the portfolio of available channels is expanded, and completely new forms of targeting and advertising opportunities can be used on TV, which otherwise only existed on the Internet: targeting based on data, instead of targeting via ZG demos. Our inventory is also 100% programmatically bookable. Connected TV can also be used to address target groups, such as cord cutters, that can hardly or no longer be reached on conventional TV.
The TV devices themselves are becoming an individual experience platform: Almost 57% of Connected TV users no longer start in the linear TV program when they turn on the TV, but on the user interface of the technology provider. We can offer advertisers a really attractive option in digital TV advertising on this home screen to reach targeted viewers before they open apps or select TV programs.


How are you and your company helping to advance the TV and video industry? 

In addition to TV, digital-out-of-home and online video, advanced TV has been part of Goldbach’s marketing portfolio since its foundation in 2015. We are a technology-oriented marketer and began offering our portfolio programmatically at an early stage. We see ourselves as a challenger on the market and a specialist in the field of addressable moving image advertising.

We support and push any development that makes it easier for advertisers to reach their target group more efficiently, more measurably and more easily. 

In the area of advanced TV, there is currently a high level of fragmentation in use across a wide range of platforms and also in the collection of data and the associated tools. The “measurement” of the ecosystem is increasingly done by different partners, i.e. the data is not consistent, standards & reference values are missing. Our response to this situation is a “friends-to-be” strategy by seeking partnerships with all relevant market players and establishing standards within this network and aligning processes with market requirements. We are additionally involved in associations such as egta and Vaunet to drive developments forward together with other market players. A great deal of educational work still needs to be done in the advertising market, which is why we are now conducting our Advanced TV Study for the fifth year in succession, with insights into the development of usage, awareness and advertising acceptance. We also conduct educational work via regular webinars, in specialist articles, panel participations and, of course, in personal conversations at any time.

As a marketer, we not only have a responsibility to advertisers with regard to the development and standardization of advertising media and advertising performance. We also have a responsibility to our publishers and partners to capitalize on the advertising space entrusted to us in such a way that it can be invested in high-quality content.