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19. September 2018

Medientage 2019: NEXT DIGITAL LEVEL

Let’s build the Media we want! 

The further technisation of the media by machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms raises the media to the next digital level: media become data-based services, technologies determine which media we see, which target group is addressed and which journalistic content is recommended to us. The new media world allows the user to be optimally addressed, but it is still unclear how media companies will take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by digital transformation.

In addition, media have a special responsibility in the digital society. They form the infrastructure for social discourse, for the public or censorship, deepfake or fact checks. Society’s task is to define how this media system should be designed. What power do the platforms have, what role do technology, ethics and journalism play? How can the new technologies be used profitably for society? Society must determine which media system it wants: Let’s build the Media we want!