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8. October 2019
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9. October 2019

MEDIENTAGE 2019: Europe Day

One of the EU Commission’s priorities in the coming years will be to improve liability and security regulations for digital platforms, services and products and to complete the digital internal market with a new Digital Services Act. Lectures and discussions on major developments in the EU regulatory network will be part of the programme for this year’s Europe Day at MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN. It will be jointly organised by Institut für Europäisches Medienrecht (EMR) and Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien (BLM).

Europe Day will open on 25 October 2019 under the motto “Let’s create the rules for the digital world that Europe deserves” by Dr. Florian Herrmann, Member of Bavarian Parliament, Head of the State Chancellery and Minister of State for Federal and European Affairs and the Media, by EMR-Director Prof. Dr. Stephan Ory and by BLM-Managing Director Dr. Thorsten Schmiege. Guillaume Klossa special advisor to the Vice-President of the EU Commission responsible for digital technology, will give an insight into “Europe’s digital single market” and outline the path to European media sovereignty.

The steps towards a sustainable pluralistic media system and the plan to set up alternative platforms are under discussion. Before this, Prof. Dr. Andreas Paulus, judge of the Federal Constitutional Court, will show which constitutional requirements have to be observed.

Europe Day will also discuss the implementation of the amended Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMD). Among the speakers will be VAUNET CEO Hans Demmel, KJM Chairman Wolfgang Kreißig, Netflix Manager Wolf Osthaus and Alexander Scheuer, Head of Media Policy and Regulation at Deutsche Telekom. With the revision of the directive, the European legislator pursued the goal of creating a legal framework for a changing media landscape with changing consumer behavior.