MCMS Congress 2018

Multi-Channel Money Streams: 20. Juni 2018 in Sevilla


ERA Europe in cooperation with Medientage München present the 4th MCMS Congress 2018.



The annual MCMS Congress is a high-level 1-day discussion forum for global multi-channel specialists from diverse sides of the Media Industry, held during the annual Multi-Channel Home Shopping Conference. The aim of the congress is to create a fruitful exchange between thought leaders and neighbouring multi-channel industries so that they can inspire and learn from each other and gain insights into how to monetise new business opportunities.

The MCMS Congress 2018 has a pioneering agenda which will take you on a journey through the emerging challenges affecting the future of the Multi-Channel Industry in the next 3, 5 or 10 years. This year, the focus is on the new business opportunities provided by the quickly evolving digital world. The panels will give insights into new strategies to catch the consumer eyeballs and how to convert these into transactions, and there will be a unique chance to see what we can learn from Asia. All business leaders should attend to get up to speed with the latest trends, technology and regulation.

Jason Kong, CEO, GHS, one of the biggest Chinese Live Shopping channels and who, have recently acquired channels in Thailand and Dubai, will be a key speaker. Jason will talk about their strategies in the digital media environment as well as sharing information about China’s plans to re-establish the terrestrial SILKROAD from Asia into the heart of Europe. As two thirds of the world population live between India and Asia, we welcome the opportunity to learn from the digital specialists in Eastern Asia and to hear their solutions to digital challenges.

The European response to digital challenges: Influencer, affiliate or cross-channel promotion? A key speaker will be Katharina Schneider, CEO MediaShop, (Austria) and investor on the Austrian equivalent to Sharktank, who will share her experiences. Also Mattias Brahamar, a Swedish expert in media and digital commerce who specialises in new business opportunities and who has worked for all major Home Shopping networks in Germany, Russia and Italy, will help us in our quest to find the magical formula how to find the viewer, catch their interest and convert them into customers.

…and last but not least, there will be a chance to hear the European regulator perspective. Will they enable or hinder these new business approaches and opportunities?

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