First speakers at MEDIENTAGE 2019
2. August 2019
21. August 2019

Nobody needs All-Male-Panels!

MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN supports Media Women Connect’s claim for a modern, equal opportunity and diverse media world. As a multiplier, we are aware of our responsibility and role model function and want to set a good example.

In 2018, 23% of all speakers  at MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN were women. For the year 2019 we are aiming for a share of at least 30% and commit ourselves not to host any all-male panels and to let women speak on an equal basis (not only as hosts).

For the future, we aim to continuously increase the quota of women and support an appropriate quota. However, MEDIENTAGE can only reflect the reality of the media industry.

We are therefore also behind Media Women Connect’s demand for a balanced representation of women and men in the media. As host of the MEDIENTAGE, we are working on further ideas on how the topic of diversity can be placed in a larger context at MEDIENTAGEN.