Connect! The Smart TV Award

Congratulations to the winners!

The current situation made it possible: digital award ceremony & mini-conference all-in-one! On 23rd June 2020, the Award ceremony “Connect! The Smart TV Award” including Insights from the conference MEDIENTAGE Special “Connect! The Future of TV” took part for the first time – purely online!

The award is intended to honour special innovations, apps and services in the field of connected TV. 

Together with our partners, the German TV Platform and MEKmedia, we have come up with an exciting programme and we decided to move parts of the event into the web and furthermore to integrate it into the MTM20. 
The most important things at a glance:

  • 23 June 2020
    The award ceremony “Connect! The Smart TV Award” took place online only in combination with a series of interesting talks from the MEDIENTAGE Special “Connect! The Future of TV” conference. 
  • The further extensive program of the conference “Connect! The Future of TV” will be integrated into the MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN 2020 (24-30 October 2020) Details and program information will be available soon on the MEDIENTAGE program page!


Award-Categories and the shortlist at a glance

1) Like2Use – Best User Experience
In this category, the best user experience with services on connected TV is awarded. Preconditions are optimal usability, i.e. the intuitive handling and user-friendliness of applications on connected TVs, as well as the perfect user experience, which sustainably generates enthusiasm among viewers and makes the overall experience of using the app attractive. In addition to simple usability, this also includes helpful features within the application, an attractive design and a positive brand image.

Sky Deutschland with Sky Q

Justification by the Jury:
The winner of the category Like2Use – Best User-E xperience is Sky Q. A high degree of usefulness of functions and intuitve usabilty create the perfect Smart TV experience. Sky Q creates a new level of user experience and ensures sustained enthusiasm among viewers. With its well thought-out functionality, the app fits seamlessly into your everyday life and brings joy to Smart TV. Intuitive orientation in the rich offer and entertainment enjoyment merge seamlessly. Sky Q adds a new dimension to the user experience – the TV experience becomes smart, says Jury member Prof. Dr. Heidi Krömker.

ProSiebenSat.1 Digital: ProSiebenSat.1 – HbbTV Recommendation Engine for personalized recommendations 
Telekom Deutschland: MagentaTV


2) Feels like Magic – Best technological Innovation
Modern smart TVs offer an attractive combination of technology, design and a diverse entertainment experience. The Feels like Magic category honours outstanding technological innovations on smart TVs that take the connected TV experience to a new level. The award-winning technological innovation can be on the device side or relate to a service or app in the connected TV environment that enables a new TV experience (e.g. new ways of interacting with smart TVs, AI/voice recognition, gamification features, in-app shopping, smart home functions, etc.).

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Medien (abm), Bayerische Medien Technik (bmt), Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) with Television for ALL – all inclusive with HbbTV

Justification by the Jury:
Inclusion has been a hot Topic in Germany for years and has gained even more Attention through the State Media Treaty that comes into effect in September. According to this treaty, all media Services in Germany must provide information on the specific measures they have taken to achieve accessibilty. State media authorities and the Federal Government are the controlling bodies. The Project “TV for all fully inclusive”  with HbbTV was developed and implemented jointly by the Working Group on Disability and Media, the Bayerische Medientechnik GmbH and the Institute for Broadcasting Technology. It was a very wise decision to involve those affected in the development from the very beginning. The developed technology is available to all providers for their own applications and offers a very wide range of uses – with signs, interpreters, audio description, easy speech and subtitles. This means that an interpreter no longer has to be shown on the television picture for all viewers to see, but is only – and this is to be emphasised as a special innovation – presented to the person concerned via augmented reality glasses. Audio Description can be heard with HbbTV 2-capable devices via a companion screen, e.g. a smartphone with headphones, and light speech can be produced on the smartphone or tablet PC. All this can be integrated into media libraries and live broadcasts and can now be seen live on mü, according to juror Jürgen Sewczyk.

Panasonic Business Support Europe: HbbTV OpApp Implementation
Zattoo Deutschland: Zattoo Platform Smart TV development


3) Loud & Clear – Best Brand Performance
In this category the best brand performance in connected television is awarded. We consider all successful brand experiences on smart TVs. This can include corporate channels, successful advertising campaigns or apps.

ProSiebenSat.1 Digital: Interactive TV-Event: „Can You Survive Moon?“

Justification by the Jury:
With Can You Survive Moon? the employees of ProSiebenSat.1 had a great idea how to integrate viewers via HbbTV and via an app. From the jury’s point of view, they did an incredible job of supporting the Galileo brand with new ideas and the use of Connected TV, said jury member Jan Möllendorf.

FUNKE Digital TV Guide: TV DIGITAL for Samsung Smart TV
PHD Germany, SEAT Deutschland: CUPRA Smart TV App


4) Good2CU – Beste Special Interest Offer
In this category outstanding special interest offers on connected TV are awarded. All special interest approaches that offer content that is customized for a clearly defined and highly focussed target group, which is classified by the jury as high-quality, suitable and consistent.

Telekom Deutschland with MagentaSport – conference-alarm

Justification by the Jury:
The jury quickly agreed that the MagentaSport conference alarm is not only a very useful service, but also an extremely likeable approach. Sport is not always just football and football is not always just first league. In this case the special interest target groups are fans of a team in the German Ice Hockey League or fans of a club in the third division of football. And if you are a fan of your favourite club, you want to watch its games in full length and breadth, but at the same time you don’t want to miss something important happening in the same league. This is where the conference alarm helps: If you watch a game on Magenta TV and have activated the alarm, you will receive a short notification on your screen whenever something important happens in the game that is taking place at the same time, for example if a goal is scored or a penalty kick is given. Then the user can get there either directly or later with one click, watch a short scene and doesn’t miss anything. The jury considers this to be worthy of an award, especially since the usability is very simple and convenient. Torsten Zarges is convinced that the smart TV turns the sports fan into his own director.

Pluto TV Europe: Pluto TV


5) All Eyes on you – Best Newcomer
The All Eyes on you category awards new connected TV services that were launched on the market between January 1, 2019 and March 4, 2020 (deadline for submissions) and which have since then set a relevant milestone for the connected TV world with their offer.

RTL2 Fernsehen with Quick Polls on behalf of RTLZWEI RED

Justification by the Jury:
Quick Polls are surveys in which viewers can participate using the Red Button function of their remote control. The jury was unanimous: This is exactly the functionality that people have been wanting for years and which has now become reality. With the Quick Polls you can get in touch with the viewers directly, quickly, immediately. This is how communication works. The Quick Polls also provide valuable insights for the editorial team: Does an episode work, are the actors credible? Quick Polls also provide valuable insights for pilot productions, before the series goes into an expensive production. The Quick Polls are simple, but absolutely effective. And the jury found this really worthy of an award, says juror Christine Gebhard.

NiedersachsenRock 21: RADIO 21 TV
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Behinderung und Medien (abm), Bayerische Medien Technik (bmt), Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT): Television for ALL – all inclusive with HbbTV


The Jury

This high-class jury of industry experts picked the winners:

  • Christine Gebhard, editor-in-chief
  • Prof. Dr. Heidi Krömker, head of department, chairwoman of the examination board for the media technology study programme, TU Ilmenau
  • Jan Möllendorf, Managing Partner defacto x
  • Jürgen Sewzcyk, Senior Advisor Commercial Development, Eutelsat
  • Torsten Zarges, chief reporter



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