AI Pavilion

AI Pavilion with Expo & Conference: Topic Special “Artificial Intelligence” at MEDIENTAGE 2018

Automatic fact checking, data-driven text, audio or video production, automated clustering of opinion leaders, personalization for content curation and pricing or automated advertising – AI will permanently change everyday journalistic life and goes far beyond the familiar fields of application such as voice control, chatbots or robot journalism.

Artificial intelligence offers media companies completely new possibilities for making processes more efficient, analyzing customer needs and generating targeted content. But their commitment also means a new responsibility, raises new political and legal questions and requires completely new skills.

In the MEDIENTAGE AI Pavilion Expo area, tech companies, media houses, service providers and start-ups will present their innovations, technologies and services relevant to the media business of the future. In addition, AI Expo will be enriched by future-oriented prototypes from universities and research institutions, as well as by art projects that demonstrate the creative potential of AI, enable direct interaction between recipients and AI and make the future relationship between people, technology and media tangible.

The AI Expo (24-26 October) will be accompanied by the two-day congress programme of the AI Conference (24 and 25 October), at which leading AI experts will offer an outlook on upcoming trends, technologies and usage scenarios, present use cases from the media world and provide concrete insights into their strategies and learnings in the implementation of AI innovations.

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Further information about the AI Pavilion and key facts about the MEDIENTAGE 2018 can be found here.