The MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN GmbH aims to create platforms to meet the much-quoted “convergence of media and technology” with life, to establish networks and business contacts, to stimulate initiatives and support for cross-media dialogue.

The MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN are the biggest event of the company. They have developed into one of the leading media industry events in Europe over the past years. To own day and evening events or cooperation events come, such as the traditional “night the media” in the context of MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN or information days like the days of media specials to fire current media issues.

The implementation and establishment of high-profile events succeed only with expertise, with the early detection and intervention of trends, with routine and experience in the Organization and in close co-operation with various partners and prominent personalities. This in turn comprehensive contacts with all sections of the media industry, politics, science, education and culture are essential. Such a position won the MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN GmbH at the intersection of the media economy in their long-term activity as the host of top events for the media industry.